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Mr. Stan Fox

Photo of Stan Fox

Hi. I am entering my 46 th  year as a teacher here at Marwayne Jubilee School and consider it to be a privilege and an honor to be a part of this staff.  My current assignment is Biology 20 and Bio 30 as well as Jr. High Woods Option and Woods 10.  Over the past 45 years, I have seen many administrators  come and go at both the school and Central Services situations and have seen a constant movement towards more staff involvement at the local levels (I think this to be a great idea and a way to make the educational process more about helping the students get the best out of their time spent in our schools).  My life revolves around my family, my church and my school in that order.  I enjoy the new challenges that are brought to us each year and find that being around young people keeps one feeling youthful and valuable to the community.  While I have seen many changes over the years in how we operate (electronics vs paper etc), I find that the students are still the same - many great ideas and lots of vibrant activity.  I don't believe that young people have changed a lot over the time - they are just more aware of what is going on  around them.