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Mrs. Colleen Hoegl

Photo of Colleen Hoegl

I, Colleen Hoegl, have enjoyed teaching at Marwayne Jubilee School for 12 years. I live in Lloydminster, but I choose to teach in small rural communities because I appreciate the small community atmosphere as well as the students who come to school with a sense of family and belonging to this bigger family. I come from rural farm roots and appreciate the values of our rural communities. It is so rewarding to watch the students grow from Kindergarten to graduation.

I was hired at Marwayne to teach Grade 3. My position slowly evolved into all levels of Art and Junior High Social Studies. This role is very rewarding to me! Prior to my Marwayne position I taught Grade 1 home room and Junior High Drama/Art/English. I welcome ideas from others that might involve the classes I teach to the community and to expand these programs.

I am passionate about making each student feel welcome and establishing confidence and mental health for all of our students.

Every day I am thankful that the school I work in is full of great little and big human beings!