Staff Directory


Photo of Sandra Beres

Sandra Beres

Administrative Assistant

Photo of Marina Stafford

Mrs. Marina Stafford

Support Staff

Photo of Lis Franklin

Mrs. Lis Franklin

Educational Assistant

Phone: 780-847-3930

Photo of Terry Lynne Hines

Mrs. Terry Lynne Hines

Photo of Treana Neureuter

Mrs. Treana Neureuter

Photo of Arlene Parker

Mrs. Arlene Parker

Photo of Carmen Smart

Mrs. Carmen Smart

Photo of Sherry Tupper

Mrs. Sherry Tupper

Photo of Ashley Yarosloski

Miss Ashley Yarosloski

Educational Assistant

Phone: 780-847-3930

Teachers - Jr/Sr High School

Photo of Chris Baker

Mrs. Chris Baker

Grade 9-12 ELA & Yoga/Wellness

Photo of Reuben Baker

Mr. Reuben Baker

placeholder image for Abraham Cassimo

Mr. Abraham Cassimo

Math/ CTF

Photo of Stan Fox

Mr. Stan Fox

placeholder image for Alyssa Glessing

Mrs. Alyssa Glessing

Jr/ Sr Mathematics, Jr Options

Photo of Ashley Gramlich

Miss Ashley Gramlich

Jr/ Sr. Mathematics

Photo of Colleen Hoegl

Mrs. Colleen Hoegl

Photo of Ginnene Nichols

Mrs. Ginnene Nichols

Jr/ Sr Sciences, Jr Options

placeholder image for Claire Rauser

Ms. Claire Rauser

Jr Options/ PE

Teachers - Elementary

Photo of Crystal Dodds

Mrs. Crystal Dodds

Kindergarten and IL coach

Photo of Raelle Kissick

Mrs. Raelle Kissick

Gr 1

Photo of Kym Person

Mrs. Kym Person

Gr. 2

Photo of Kristin Presley

Miss Kristin Presley

Gr 3/4

Photo of Jennifer Quist

Mrs. Jennifer Quist

Gr 4/5

Photo of Tamara Stachniak

Mrs. Tamara Stachniak

Grade 5/6

Phone: 780-847-3930


placeholder image for Charlene Dodds

Mrs. Charlene Dodds

placeholder image for Noreen Parker

Mrs. Noreen Parker

placeholder image for Sharon Parkyn

Mrs. Sharon Parkyn