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Miss Kristin Presley

Photo of Kristin Presley

I've been fortunate enough to be employed with Buffalo Trail Public Schools since 2007, and more specifically I have found my home teaching grade 4 at Marwayne Jubilee School since 2010. I truly enjoy the rural school teaching experience and the close connections made with the students, staff, and parents. In my spare time I enjoy supporting my student’s extra-curricular activities, and you can often catch me at 4H, the hockey rink, ball diamonds, dance hall, soccer field etc. I believe that these connections have lifelong impacts on our children and are essential to the education process. Having fun and laughter is the key, and my students can attest to my jokes and laughter in the class. After all, “Everybody laughs the same in every language because laughter is a universal connection.”--Jakob Smirnoff.